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The first ever was for .

In 1796 an English doctor, , noticed something. He saw that people who got did not get sick from smallpox. He infected eight-year-old James Phipps with the cowpox virus to try to protect him from smallpox. This was done by scratching liquid from cowpox sores into the boy's skin.

Previously people were against smallpox by using liquid from actual smallpock sores. People did this so they might get smallpox on one place on their body. Then they could pick which body part got scarred with , but it was a dangerous thing to do; sometimes they would get very sick, or even die, but people did it because it was less dangerous than the disease.

Edward Jenner gave the boy cowpox in the same way people tried to give smallpox. Six weeks later, he scratched smallpox into the boy's skin. The boy did not get sick from smallpox. He was the first person ever to get a vaccination.

It was almost 100 years after the first smallpox vaccination that the next vaccination was found, which was against in 1879. Since then, vaccines for 28 different types of diseases have been discovered.