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George and Jane have bike. George bike i red and Jane bike i blue. Hi bike ha lot of gear, but Jane bike only ha one. George think he can ride his bike faster than Jane.

He say "Let have a race. My bike really fast."

Jane replie "Ye, why not? Let race round the park. It nice and flat."

George mum tell them that they must wear cycle helmet. "You might fall off and hurt yourselve" she say.

Jane dad agree. He say "It dangerou to cycle without helmet."

Jane moan "A helmet look silly and it uncomfortable". George think so too, but they have to wear them.

The two bike line up on the gras. George yell "Go!" and start pedalling, but hi foot slip off the pedal and thi slow him down. Jane pedal hard and she ahead, but George start catching her up. He change gear and the chain slip off it cogwheel. Hi bike stop suddenly and he fall off. He very cros and complain loudly. Jane look acros to see what happening. Her bike wheel hit a stone, she dive over it handlebar and hit her head. The bike fall over on it side.

Jane and George pick themselve up, rather shaken. "Perhap a race wa a bad idea" they think.

Jane say "Your bike need it gear fixing".

George say "You need a new helmet. That one broken." Jane answer "At least it not my head!"

Developed by Jo Edkins - edited by InHand and used with permission.