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English Speaking Union of Japan - English Club

The purpose of this "English Club" is to enjoy learning English, and to practise speaking in English. Mr. Muramatsu gives interesting stories from movie scenes, jokes, and his great store of knowledge and experience. Also, speaking in English among the participants is encouraged.

We welcome any interested members. Non-members of ESUJ are also welcome to attend, free of charge for the first time.

To attend
Please inform us if you are attending for the first time or bringing a guest.
Tel. / Fax. 03-3423-0970
e-mail: esuj@esuj.gr.jp

EC88 (English Club 88)

This is a non-profit organization, founded in 1988 for Japanese to practice their English with each other. We have opened EC88 up to native English-speakers so that our gatherings can be enhanced by people of all ages and backgrounds. We meet every Friday evening to engage in various discussions, informal chats, and one-on-one dialogues. We believe that friendship amongst the members is very important. Because of this, most of our 60 members go out for dinner and drinks together after the meeting each week. Although, we don't pay native English speakers to join us, we do believe that it is a mutually rewarding experience. In exchange for native-English speakers participating in our group, the native-English speakers are invited to join in our dinners for free and get the opportunity to improve their Japanese ability and learn about Japanese culture. We invite you to join us and share your ideas and culture in the international language of English.

Please contact Mr.Hasegawa or Mr. Shibata for further details.

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English Clubs