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The Edinburgh International Festival

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There is no 'one' Edinburgh Festival. It all began in 1947, with the aim of providing 'a platform for the flowering of the human spirit'. Right from the start people were inspired to put on shows of their own, and these soon grew into the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then half a dozen or so festivals have grown up around it in August and early September, and collectively these are often know as 'the Edinburgh Festival'.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is often called the Edinburgh Fringe and sometimes just "the Fringe". Often at the fringe people will visit more than one event per day, in fact some people pride themselves on fitting in as many events as possible.

The key venues used are the Usher Hall (capacity 2,300), the Festival Theatre (1,800), The Edinburgh Playhouse (2,900), the King’s Theatre (1,300), the Royal Lyceum Theatre (650), The Queen’s Hall (920) and The Hub (420).

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