Finding a Job

The English Crossword


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  1     2                 
         5        6       
  7             8         
  10             11         
12        13             14     
  16               17       
     18         19          
  20            21          


3. Knowledge or skill obtained from doing something.
5. Something that you get because of your job, not money, which is additional to your pay.
7. Letters written by people who know you, to describe you and say if you are suitable for a job.
9. Another word for job.
10. Someone who is paid to work for someone else.
11. The skill needed to do a job.
12. The person who asks the questions.
15. Full word for phone.
17. Paper marked spaces where answers to questions can be written or information recorded.
18. The possibility of being successful at work.
20. The person who requests a job.
21. The ability to do a job well.
22. A set of classes to train you to do a particular job.


1. Something that is necessary.
2. American for CV.
4. An official request for a job, usually in writing.
6. Learning the skills you need to do a particular job.
8. The kind of work that you feel you are particularly suited to doing.
13. A meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job.
14. The number of the house and name of the road and town where a person lives.
16. A fixed amount of money paid each month into your bank account for the work you have done.
19. Small jobs that have to be done regularly as part of your work.