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Buildings Crossword

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1    2   3                     
        4      5      6        
7              8            
   10           11          12    
      13             14       
15    16                      


2. Where Christians go to pray.
7. A very tall building with many storeys:
8. A secretary would work here.
10. ........ house - one of a row of identical houses sharing common walls.
11. Planes land and take off here.
13. Where you go to watch plays in the UK.
14. A building with machinery where things are made.
15. A tall structure that stands alone.
17. Where you go to watch films in the UK.
19. The Louvre is one.
20. Rooms to live in, usually on one floor of a house.
21. A number of buildings with facilities for manufacturing.
22. A place where trains stop, with a platform and often one or more buildings.


1. Where you go to be served food.
3. Where you go if you are very ill.
4. ........ house - stands on its own.
5. A small, rustic house.
6. Where you go as a child to learn things.
9. Where travellers can pay to stay.
12. Where you can keep your money.
16. A mill that is powered by the wind.
18. A small house with a single storey.