Business Basics

English for meetings and presentations

This article features "dictionary look up". Just double click on any word to get an instant definition (uses a pop-up).

Common English Phrases used in meetings and presentations:-

Getting someone's attention

Excuse me.
May I have a word?
If I may... I think...
Excuse me for interrupting.
Can I come in here? (This doesn't mean you're asking to enter a room, it is something we say when we want to interrupt someone.)

Giving opinions

I'm positive that...
I feel that....
In my opinion...
The way I see things..
If you ask me..., I tend to think that...

Asking for opinions

Do you think that..
Mrs / Ms / Mr X can we get your input ?
How do you feel about...?
What do you think of ...?
Do you have something you would like to add?


That's interesting.
I never thought about it that way before
I get your point.
I see what you mean.


I totally agree with you.
Good point!
That's just the way I feel.
I have to agree with ...


Unfortunately, I see it differently.
Up to a point I agree with you, but...
I'm afraid, I can't agree

Giving advice and making suggestions

We should ...
Why don't we ...
How/What about ....
I suggest/recommend that ...


Let me spell it out...
Have I made that clear?
Do you see what I'm getting at?
Let me put it another way..
I'd just like to repeat that....

Requesting information

Please, could you...
I'd like you to...
Would you mind...
I wonder if you could...

Asking for repetition

I'm afraid I didn't quite catch that. Could you repeat what you just said?
I missed that. Could you say it again please?
Could you run that past me again?

Asking for clarification

I don't quite follow you.
What exactly do you mean?
Could you explain to me how that's going to work?
I can't see what you're getting at. Could we have some more details, please?
Am I correct in thinking that ...?

Format of a Typical Meeting