Distance Learning

By Tim Henry

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Businesses are always looking for effective and ineffective ways to train their employees. Their needs range from orientation to apprenticeships, to sales and communications, through to technical and professional skills training. What they have found is that distance learning can meet all of their needs, efficiently and at a cost that is significantly reduced from almost any other method of training.

Some estimates have placed the number of American workers that need to be trained or retrained to meet existing and future needs of American business at around 50 million people. That’s a lot of people that need to acquire new skills in our new economy and certainly a lot of resources that will have to be applied to ensure its success. Distance training has opened up a new low-cost way for companies to provide that training and more and more are joining the ranks of the online training express every year.

Companies can use distance training to provide all of their employees with a solid understanding of the mission, goals and objectives of that organization. In these days when employee satisfaction and retention is seen as directly related to the bottom line, this becomes crucial to its success. Having everyone knowing and practicing these principles consistently throughout the organization is not only necessary, but value added as well.

Large corporations with thousands of employees scattered at numerous locations across the country already have online communication vehicles to provide information to employees and gather their input and feedback. What they have decided to do is to utilize this online network to educate their employees as well. This may be a new sales technique or style that they want to implement or a focus on customer satisfaction that they want to improve. Whatever the purpose it can now be delivered and taught through a distance learning program.

In some cases these same corporations have contracted directly with online university programs to offer a package of distance learning programs to all of their employees. They pay up front for the education costs and employees plug in at work or at home to upgrade their skills and learn new ones. Some progressive employers also encourage their staff to enroll in online degree granting programs at a low or subsidized cost so that the employees can finally get or complete their college education.

They are not only creating happier employees but employees who will have the skills to grow and advance within their organization.

This article courtesy of University of Phoenix.