First rule? There's no such thing as a "typical" English family.

Learn about families and relatives.

This is Mary. Mary Bell.
This is George. George Bell.
Mary and George are married to each other.
George is Mary's husband.
Mary is George's wife.
They are husband and wife.
Mr and Mrs Bell have two children. Carol and Robert Bell.
This is Carol Bell. Carol is their daughter.
This is Robert Bell. Robert is their son.
Robert is older than Carol. He is Carol's big brother.
Carol is younger than Robert. She is Robert's little sister.
They are brother and sister.
They are Mr and Mrs Bell's children.
George is Carol and Robert's father.
Mary is Carol and Robert's mother.
They are Carol and Robert's parents.
This is Emily. Emily Richards.
This is Edgar. Edgar Richards.
Mr and Mrs Richards are Mary's parents. She is their daughter.

Mary's name before she got married was Mary Richards. Mary Richards is her maiden name, Mary Bell is her married name.
Edgar and Emily are Carol and Robert's grandparents. Carol and Robert are their grandchildren.
Mr Richards is their grandfather. They call him grandad.
Mrs Richards is their grandmother. They call her granny.
Carol is their granddaughter and Robert is their grandson.
They're George Bell's in-laws. Mrs Richards is his mother-in-law and Edgar is his father-in-law.
George is their son-in-law.
Mr and Mrs Robert's have another daughter Anne.
Anne is Mary's younger sister. She is the youngest.

She isn't married. She is single.

She is Carol and Robert's aunt.

Carol is her niece and Robert is her nephew.

Mary's husband George is her brother-in-law.

She is George's sister-in-law.
Mr and Mrs Robert's also have a son, Charles.

Charles is Mary's older brother. He is the eldest.

He is Carol and Robert's uncle.
Charles was married, but he isn't any more. He's divorced.

He is George's brother-in-law.
This is Emma.

She is Charles' baby.

Charles is her father.

She is Carol and Robert's cousin, they are her cousins too.

Mary and Anne are her aunts, she is Mary and Anne's niece.

George is her uncle, she is his niece.
Charles, Mary and Anne are siblings.

Charles, Mary, Anne, Emily, Edgar, Carol, Robert, Emma and George are all related. They are members of the same family. They are relatives.