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How to sponsor the Learn English Network

You can easily sponsor the Network directly via Pay Pal.

Your name can appear on the sponsors' page:-

One year's sponsorship with the name of the organisation or person appearing on the sponsor's page.

You can include a short description to appear on the sponsors page when making the donation.

minimum amount

You could also help by...

- sharing your ideas, tips and suggestions (We give full acknowledgement for any we use).

- volunteering on the forum.

- doing some writing, illustrations or development work for the network.

Why sponsor or support the Learn English Network?

By sponsoring and supporting the Learn English Network you help to pay to host the web sites and our incredible (and ever growing) bandwidth consumption, pay for the FAQ pages, develop the lessons on Learn English Online, produce the English Magazine, running sessions on Google+, JoinMe, Skype, Kitely, and Second Life, and of course hosting the Learn English forum. We always dream about being able to do more.

Thank you again to everyone, and to those who have supported us with their encouragement, participation and by doing voluntary work too.

Advertising on the Learn English Network.
If you have an advertising budget of $0, we also provide a Free Classifieds service.
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