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Irregular Verb - To throw

To throw

throw / threw / thrown / throwing


Tenses for the Verb - To throw

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The Past

Past Continuous - "I was throwing the dice when I realised they were weighted!"
Past Simple - "I threw a double six."
Past Perfect Simple - "By the time I had thrown the dice, the game was already over."
Past Perfect Continuous - "I had been throwing dice for 10 minutes before I ran out of money."

The Present

Present Continuous - "I am throwing the dice in the hopes of winning the game."
Present Simple - "I usually throw dice when I go to the casino."
Present Perfect Simple - "I have thrown all of the dice, but I still haven't got the numbers I wanted."
Present Perfect Continuous - "I have been throwing dice all night, but I haven't won anything!"

The Future

Future Continuous - "I bet I'll win when I'm throwing dice tonight."
Future Simple - "I'm afraid I'll throw snake eyes if I have another go."
Future Perfect Simple - "I'm sure I will have thrown at least one double six before the end of the evening."
Future Perfect Continuous - You wouldn't really use this verb in this context.


Notes - For Helvio - "Helvio told us he had thrown away his first self portrait."

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